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A whacko dipstick who needs to be slapped with a trout.
Michael the dinglefritz tried to put pop cans in his car rust holes. Where's the trout?
by Ian Burman and Alyssa Adelman August 14, 2003
an idiot.

Inspired by Fritz Zeck the former president of Cooper Lighting who often ordered his minions to do sometimes foolish and idiotic tasks.
I cant believe Fritz wanted to change the name of the company to McStushitooth Lighting...What a dingle fritz.
by Johnnyeffenboots December 07, 2012
A dinglefritz is something frivolous, extra, decorative, or fun.
(A decorator would say) I think I'll put a dinglefritz here and here - then it will be perfect.
by srck September 30, 2014
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