Mildly pejorative term for an African-American
I was walking along and aksed, "Do you know that dinge over there?"
by Cornholio September 29, 2003
Top Definition
A thing, thingamabob, whatzit, whatchamacallit or whatsizname
When is dinges coming around?
by Panatlantica January 26, 2009
(formed from dingy) dark, dirty and/or sordid
"You are dinge" "To act like that is dinge"
by steV April 16, 2003
A Dinge is a person who carries along with them an everlasting aroma of greatness. People that are jealous consider this aroma to be offensive, but it really is just awesome. Waimers are the Dinge's natural born enemy.
Kim: "When was the last time you washed your pants?"

Jack: "Two weeks ago."

Kim: "You are such a Dinge."
by Ferngully3000 April 09, 2014
A slang name for the town of Dingwall.
'Aright coff, yah heading up to the sneck the night.'

'Nah mun gonna stay in the Dinge the night i think, maybe head down to the comm for a few'later on'
by Joahnz white April 12, 2008
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