One who prefers "Negro Male Sex Partners"

Commonly found in jails
That Dinge Queen just had sex with Bubba.
by Satan January 04, 2004
Top Definition
A white gay man who prefers the sexual company of black men. As often as not, dinge queens engage in somewhat denigrating colonial/plantation/urban thug fantasy roleplay.
He's such a dinge queen, always trolling at Nob Hill for trade.
by GranDiva May 03, 2006
A white gay man who only dates black men. Compare snow queen -- dinge or dirt being the opposite of snow. (Obviously racist in its connotations. Archaic usage, but not uncommon during the 1980s and before, both by white and black gays. Currently one would say the white gay has jungle fever.)
I heard that Halston was a dinge queen, only has time for that black dick.
by bp294 February 03, 2011
A homosexual male who prefers black sex partners.
Lance Bass of "N'SYNC" is a dinge-queen.
(he receives)
by dark demigod of death October 26, 2003
One who likes to have sex with black transvestites.
Madonna is a real dinge queen.
by SHANNON January 13, 2004
A Negro homosexual who impersonates females ("does drag").
Shirley Q. Liquor is a dinge queen.
by Joolz Starr January 21, 2004
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