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1. Very good, the best, or more literally, top good. Americanized version of Chinese phrase, ding hao. A sentence onto itself. aka Thumbs up!

2. Fine! An expression about you or someone, and even more relevant if something SE Asian is involved (seeing references to Mandarin, Cantonese, pinyin languages).

3. The best (again): NUMBER ONE!

4. Good luck. Used upon embarking on a dangerous mission, often in war stories.
1. This was one very fine lunch. Ding how!

2. How are you? Ding hao (I am fine.)

3. What did you think of that winning quarterback on Monday? DING HOW!

4. If you're going to take that class, Ding how (to you)!
by lu_b December 11, 2012
1. Chinese for "work together." It's how three men who have never met share a bond.
Those three guys in the crew are really ding how.
by lu_b December 11, 2012
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