A game played like hacky sack but with paddles, badminton rackets, and a ping pong ball.

You get a "Ding" sound out of the paddle, and a "Dang" sound of of the rackets.
Yous guyses wants to go plays some DING DANG?
by Dustin W Danley July 10, 2008
Top Definition
Slang word for penis.
He has a big ding dang!
by bebespony June 04, 2008
when some really bad happens and you don't want to swear but you still want to make it sound legit.
Ding dang, i hate you.

Daddy, ding dang stop hitting me with your belt.
by Shliams May 14, 2009
(adj form = dingdanger) A term used to describe any event or person that is ridiculously hick, country, redneck, or uneducated. A great way to people watch and discuss without the dingdangers in question having any idea.
Me: "Did you just see how high that truck was lifted? Why the hell does everyone in this town pay money for that thinking it's attractive and cool?"

My friend: "Ding Dang brother!"
by anonymous#3562 July 09, 2012
A term for being in a rural area with hickish appeal. Stems from the sound the Banjo makes when played.
We're deep in the ding dang now.
by Cherry Jerry Pepper May 14, 2011
A violent Asian drinking game first started by a group of budhist monks who were kicked out of their monastary for excessive drinking. The game is a combination of balance, coordination, and alchohol/pain tolerance. The game begins by two people drinking 5 beers. (rice wine was the original drink of choice, but it has become increasingly sparce in america.) Once the contestants have consumed the beers, they walk 5 paces apart from each other and are blindfolded. One at a time they turn around, walk back blindfolded, about 9 paces, and attempt to kick their opponent in the head. If they hit, they drink a beer. then they go back to the starting point and wait for the other mans turn. the game ends when on person gets a kick to the head that he cannot get up from. The winner then ripps of his blindfold challenges someone else.
You: This is gonna be the last time you insult my momma, Xia-Xoh. The shit be on now!
Xia-Xoh: You wanna take this outside?
You: No. I want to stay in here and play Ding-Dang!
The bar goes silent
by cap'n zack August 27, 2006
A word used by rednecks to exclaim excitment, used by super cool doods as an alternative to "AWESOMESMASHINGCOOLBEANS"
Tommy shot an old lady in head on the first try. Billy proclaimed "DINGDANG!!!"
by kekeomghi2u October 03, 2003
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