A small dent in my car caused by some cretin opening his car door into me. Could also be caused by a kid pushing an overloaded shopping cart through the parking lot.
Goddamnit! Lookit that frigging DING. I'll kill the bastard.
by Tom LaBelle February 07, 2005
Reference to a hot chick. Stems from the episode of Family Guy when Peter wants to be a knight. The black knight introduces his wench and all the men get erections causing a "ding" sound except when it came to Mort who looked around and yelled DING!

Hence, when you see a hott chick you yell DING to notify your friends.
DING! check out the tits on her.
by John gags June 17, 2007
Ding - A ding is a slag-off word towards those of Italian heritage/lifestyle.
by Vickshit September 29, 2006
To dedge (see dedge)
by Dave from Cape Breton October 10, 2003
A vagina.
" I totally kicked that chick in the ding"
by PPPAAA October 24, 2009
An act of God. If God doesn't like a certain individual on earth, he may "ding" him. The person in question will suddenly find himself flying rapidly through the air, ending with a crunch against a wall, or by marvelling at the enormousness of outer space. Usually accompanied by a flick of the middle finger (as when flicking a marble).
He was an awful man, and had done terrible deeds. God decided that enough was enough, and dinged him.
by Thomas and Sofie April 30, 2007
Of Italian descent. (Australian)
Dings, Wogs, Poms and Abbos.
by John Boon March 03, 2005
Has multiple meangins, can mean shitty, lame, gay, weak. I serious cut down on a chick.
"Dude, yer the fuckin' dings, just drink with us tonight."

"That chick is the fuckin dings man, and a cocktease taboot."

"Dude I gotta cut the grass man, its the dings."
by Kevin K. January 26, 2005

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