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Someone who is addicted to food, drink, diners, restaurants, cafes, and other food related topics so much so that they cannot function in other areas of life. Addiction can become so strong that the subject may forget to work or relate to other human beings unless conversation is connected to food related topics.

A dinerphile can usually be detected by looking at their television. If the Food Network and Cooking Channel are permanently tuned in, and they continuously rant about the latest episode of Diners Drive-ins and Dives, they are most definitely a certified 'dinerphile'.
All Mary would talk about is some dude named Guy on Food TV. She was definitely a 'dinerphile'.

Bill spent all his time at work looking up new recipes on the internet. He was addicted to cooking. Bill was a dinerphile.

Tom ate out everyday for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. He spent all of his waking moments surfing the internet looking for new places to eat at. Tom is a dinerphile.
by Bill Hendrickson April 13, 2012
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