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going to a friend's house or to a restaurant, not paying or otherwise being grateful to the host, and then immediately leaving with a full stomach, only giving back a quick "thanks".
host: "aww, this food was quite exquisite, dont you think?"

ditcher: "Woah! look at the time! i gotta go, thanks!" *runs out*

host mumbles: "dam dine n ditch"
by I might be July 20, 2006
Slang term for eating at a sit-down restaurant and leaving without paying; "dining" then "ditching" the check!
by Pissed Off Paul October 08, 2003
eating at a restaurant and leaving without paying the check
Yesterday we went did a dine n ditch at Perkins!
by da nasty one June 11, 2003
To leave a restaurant without paying for you meal, usually running out the door.
john and angel dine n ditched dennys.

by jdizzelfashizzel May 11, 2009