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Person lacking intelligence and/or common sense.

'Intelligence equal to that of a shit'

Emphasis added to the 'DIM' defines how much of a dimshit the person in question is.
This kid is such a dimshit

What a friggin dimshit
by Loopz April 22, 2005
a contraction of dipshit and dumbshit/dumbass. it's not really used by anyone(that i know of) besides my dumbfuck older brother.

you can use it with other swear words or insults, just after them.
WRONG: he's a fuckass dimshit.
RIGHT: What a fucking Dimshit.
RIGHT: What a dimshit fuckass
by the king of hentai!!! September 14, 2007
A person that says stupid shit
When a person says something entirely stupid and has no true meaning behind it.

Brad says, "all women belong in the kitchen," Jane replies, "Brad is a Dimshit."
by Rae_Brown April 15, 2015
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