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noun The small butt crack showing on girls wearing very tight jeans.
> Whooaa.. look at that one over there!
> Yeahh.. did you see the dimeslot when she bent over?
by rich rick January 03, 2010

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butt crack dime jeans noun slot
A very small vaginal orifice. One which even a pinky cannot fit through.
Dude! I could barely finger her last night. She has such a dime slot!
by Dime Slot September 30, 2010
same as cunt - just a name I came up with because a cunt looks a lot like a dime slot on a vending machine I suppose.
My girlfriend's dime slot is visible through her bikini bottoms! That cunt looks as tight as a dime slot bro!
by Rip Torn December 28, 2006