10 dollars worth of marijuana. Dealers usually never like to sell dimes since it chips away from bags that could have been dubs, eighths or quarters. Very popular among broke ass high school kids.
Minor: Yo, just got some allowance money for doing some yard work. You got a dime?

Drug Dealer: lol, get outta here kid, how the hell did you get my number?
by Dave bacon June 06, 2009
To turn up a tube guitar amplifier's volume control to maximum. Doing so usually results in a distorted output that is aurally pleasing and rich in musical harmonics, compression and note sustain. Electric guitar tone enthusiasts often prefer this tone to other methods of generating a distorted output from the amplifier. However, the resulting high sound levels are often excessive and unusable in smaller rooms or environments where excessive volumes are not permissible.
Eric: Hey, Rich, last night at the gig I dimed my Marshall and got a sick tone, but it was so loud the club owner almost threw me out!

Rich: Sorry to hear that, Eric. That's why I play a teeny-tiny amp so I can dime it and not get hassled by my band, audience or venue manager!
by Tone Guy February 09, 2007
A 10 year prison sentence

See also nickel
Jerry is up at FSP serving a dime.
by Evan December 02, 2003
There are two main definitions so far as slang or Ebonics are concerned.
1.) When referring to a woman it means that she is a 10 on a 1 to 10 scale.
2.) As far as illegally obtained drugs are concerned it means a volume of the drug that is equal to approximately ten dollars. Generally used in reference to marijuana.
1.) Check out that dime ass bitch.
2.) Can I get a dime bag of that kush?
by tylerdurden22 February 14, 2009
a girl rated on a scale from 1-10, 10 being the highest. A sexy girl with a cute face(nice eyes and smile), small waist, nice curvy hips, nice round ass, with a nice chest.
YO! look at shawty over dere
DAMN! she mos deff a dime
by dime herself December 10, 2008
hot girl, 10 out of 10 on the hottness scale;
usually has the following qualities:

1. Full lips

2. Thick thighs

3. Round butt

4. Big bust

5. Flat stomach

6. Longish hair

7. Has a hot name like, Erica, Monica, Monique, etc.
Ay Sarah is a dime, did you see her last night? damnnn! she looked fine as hell
by Jersey Kid November 25, 2007
a dime = 10 cents

when a girl is called a dime, she's a perfect 10
im lookin for a dime, thats top of the line
cute face, slim waist, with a big behind
by pablo rainman April 23, 2006

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