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1.Solid spelt backwards. Solid is a state of matter, being reversed solid it refers to nothing. 2.Abosolute nothing. 3.Australian slang for nothing.
When Dilos occurs.
"Got Dilos?"
by Simon Manning February 12, 2007
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-another word for a very sexually active women....aka Hoe's.
'Those dilo's are wack yo....their feening the cock'
by Who is Mike Jones? May 28, 2005
Abbreviation of Dilophosaurus, the venomous dinosaur from Jurassic Park and slang for sexual move.

To give a 'dilo' one releases an umbrella behind the head at the point of ejaculation into recipient's face to give the illusion of the creature's deadly attack. A screech is optional but advised.

The dilo is largely theory based.
"I just dropped a dilo on Claire with your Mum's brolly. "
by cubeadvance September 02, 2008

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