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a term coined by Jonathan Jokerst that is used to describe a person who is experiencing qualities that are feminine like a dildo, yet idiotic and ridiculous as ones portrayed by a douche; thus morphing the person into the phrase "dildouche".
"Did you see Roger last night? He was being such a dildouche!"

"The way you hang out with girls all the time and have a shitty personality leaves me to the conclusion that you must be a dildouche."
by Jam Master Joke August 13, 2009
An amalgamation of the words 'dildo' and 'douche.' A dildouche is more commonly referred to as a choch
Oh my god, Phillip. You're such a dildouche.
by silentjay April 01, 2007
a combination of dildo and douche bag, describing a person exhibitng qualities of both
Look at that dildouche with all that gel in his hair and shiny tshirt.
by kdeez October 16, 2009
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