The study and manufacturing of ergonomically designed dildos; new area of robotics combined with dildo technology
Probably a lot of lesbians have degrees in dildonics. Sometimes a fag named TJ sneaks in a warehouse and frolics around in a pile of dirty dildos. What a dildo
by buddy February 25, 2003
Top Definition
Adjective: displaying traits or characteristics of a dildo.
That party was totally dildonic, I can't believe we went.
by Jobi February 01, 2005
behaviour typical of a dildo
That guy is dildonic
by Hired Gun August 08, 2003
An adjective that describes any object that refers to or resembles the shape and form of a Dildo. Commonly used whilst describing architecture, or electronics.
Does anybody else think that tower looks slightly dildonic?

I'm not touching that remote, that thing is dildonic!
by DoutcheBag December 28, 2010
(adj.) A psychological dependency on mediated mechanical technology and rejection of human relationships.
Participate in life, don't live a dildonic existence.
by Ann_Arbor_gg January 16, 2009
An adjective pertaining to the acts of being an annoying idiot. Ie: if someone is acting like a dildo, they are being dildonic.

As a noun - the perfect example of an annoying idiot.
Man, that customer was a complete dildonic.
Oh shit Dave, that was a really dildonic thing to do, you fucking Twizzler!
by stealthpenguin June 19, 2004
Anything that even slightly resembles a dildo.
My glorious Blue Yeti brand microphone is dildonic. I like to put it in my asshole.
by Joey Auburn May 23, 2016
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