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This is a word to make you ask <I>“the question.”</I> The question being, "What's a dikfore?" Dick. For. What is a dick for. Ultimately, it's up to you to decide the answer to <I>that</I> question. . .
Hey, what's a dikfore? . . . oOoh!
by NotGrant December 07, 2005
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The word "dikfore" is used to entrap it's subject into falling for a joke. It can be used in many different contexts, but always produces a similar outcome, or punchline. The word Dikfore is usually mentioned nonchalantly in a sentence, or statement as to evoke the reaction, "Whats a dikfore?" from it's listning audience. The word Dikfore when spoken, sounds like "Dick For". So this word ultimately forces it's test subject to mutter a question such as,"What is dikfore?", sounding to it's listners as, "What is dick for?" It's up to the jokester to decide what their answer will be.
Brian: "Man, I can't believe all the dikfores around here!"
Phil: "What the hell is a dikfore?"
Brian: "Well, I guess in your case, it's for sucking, faggot."
by Brian Press November 29, 2007
A Dikfore is not neccesarily a thing as much as a joke. When you call someone a Dikfore, eventually they will ask the question "What's a Dikfore?" The point is to get a friend to ask this question which sounds a lot like "What is a Dick for?" then you can come up with own answer.
billy: joe you are such a Dikfor.
joe: what the hell is a Dikfore?
Billy: well in your case its for shoving in another guy lololololololol.
by whocares5 December 08, 2007

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