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digital vigilante; fact-checkers, hackers or tech-savvy activists who seek and administer justice undelivered by legal authority
Digilantes have made it more difficult for political leaders to slack.
by tagadagat2 March 23, 2013
Someone who uses the internet to fight injustice.
Mild-mannered (ahem) Simon Lazenby is in virtuality a crime-fighting digilante!
by misterwolf December 24, 2009
Internet-based crime-fighter, above or not neccessarily in conjunction with the law. is a good example of a "digilante"
by servotron October 21, 2007
A casual or passionate individual or group who use digital means to wreak real havoc
It was a drunken mistake, but alas the digilantes meant sure that for this graduate, it was never forgotten.
by hector85 October 05, 2015
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