Work clothes for miners
Need to put on my diggers and get underground
by stoperat December 22, 2010
Top Definition
Affectionate term for the Australian combat soldier. The term originated during the Gallipoli Penisula campaign, where digging protective trenches was a comonplace activity.
Those Aussie diggers are tough mofos in combat.
by DJ Asman April 01, 2006
An extreme fall or slip, most often resulting in injury
"I almost slipped on the grass and took a huge Digger down that hill"
by gustin August 15, 2005
A term for putting a large amount of chewing tobacco in your lower lip; so much so that one must "dig deep."
That my friend is a digger.
by KodiakJack April 01, 2011
A dip or pinch of smokeless tobacco/chew.
John put a digger right in his lip.
by hcodude194 May 01, 2009
A female player.
That girl is a total digger.
by Craycraythickhair October 11, 2014
Canadian prison slang for solitary confinement
Shit bro, i got 15 days in the digger for smashing that goof on c range.
by link74 October 09, 2008
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