4-Chan lite.
I went to Digg and totally posted a joke I found on 4-Chan. It was so funny, I think I got like two upvotes! Hurrr...
by Tronus July 07, 2009
A "Digg" is when you have a very successful business in place & you make significant changes stripping away what made it unique to then make it into one of the biggest startups & failures all in one.
Digg.com was an innovative website in it's time but then pulled a "Digg" when they did a complete make over of an already established website to then go from one of the biggest social news media sites to the biggest failure news media site.
by Why DiggFailed October 26, 2010
Adjective describing the act of losing a remote-controlled aircraft, especially when referring to a Radian.
My day at the field was going along fine until I pulled a Diggs and Radian number 6 went bye-bye.
by haasebert December 11, 2010
A sly, small, and slightly insulting comment or remark made about someone personally. Often casually slipped into a conversation.
Nice digg man.
by Bartdog May 03, 2011
A real nigga that always has his friends back. Always wants to win at everything, even the most pointless argument.
Those Diggs' never let me win, they are too competitive.
by MeNotYouSoImBetter February 11, 2014
A website very much like slashdot that "is all about user powered content. Every article on digg is submitted and voted on by the digg community."
Basically this means that there are no editors, aside from the users. When a story is submitted, it must recieve a certain amount of "diggs" before it is promoted to the front page, where the linked article will sometimes succumb to the "digg effect" due to the massive increase in traffic. The comment system works the same way as the article system in the way that comments can be "dugg" when they are good, but they also be buried when they suck. Any user has an unlimited amount of diggs and buries, which sometimes causes problems, but the system works for the most part.
My website got promoted to the front page on digg and was knocked offline due to the digg effect.
by nphp July 26, 2006
Another word for understand.

Meaning to understand; commonly used to ask someone if they understood what was said.
Tomorrow I'm wearing my De La Soul Dunks, ya digg?
by PuertoStud May 05, 2007
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