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Late Night Shots is another social networking site modeled after sites like Facebook. Membership is open through invitation only.

Based in Washington, DC, Late Night Shots, or LNS for short, is extremely conservative and built for the DC-based Republican elite. It bills itself as "a closed social network which allows you to explore your city's social landscape and bar scene." According to the DC-area blog Wonkette, LNS is "America’s Fastest-Growing Coked-Out Republican Hill Staffer Douchebag Invite-Only Web Community" and "for DC’s best and whitest."

Message board topics on LNS have included what to do when you find out your significant other lied about their sorority affiliation in college, why $30,000/year is an acceptable handout from your parents after college, what to do if you accidentally rape your girlfriend, and why the trendy DC neighborhood Adams Morgan is ghetto.

That coke-sniffing douchebag is a member of Late Night Shots. What an idiot.
by maryjanie November 30, 2006
1: an open field in the middle of several undergraduate dorms on the University of Colorado campus in Boulder, CO.

2: a place of worship for the goddess Maryjane, where followers unite to smoke pot every 420... er, 4/20, at 4:20pm
Dude, are you gonna be on Farrand Field on 4/20?
by maryjanie November 30, 2006
1: To submit a story on the popular social networking website, digg.com. The website is a way for users to share web content and news articles on the internet. In past tense, you say you "dugg it."

2: To really like something. The spelling is usually only with one g in this instance (dig, not digg).
1: This is a great article. I'm going to digg it right now.

2: Dude, I totally dig it!
by maryjanie November 30, 2006
A Washington, DC-based liberal weblog or blog that focuses on politics, current events, and DC-area issues. The blog is characterized by humor, cynicism, and an overriding sarcastic tone that sets it apart from other blogs.

Wonkette bills itself as "the DC gossip" who focuses on "politics for people with dirty minds." It is edited by Alex Pareene.

Topics often include: George W. Bush, the Bush twins, Dick Cheney, Katherine "Kitty" Harris, Iraq, conservatives, Republicans, and of course, Late Night Shots.

Sample story headlines include: "New Study Proves 'Mentally Ill Voters' Love Bush," "Barack Hussein Obama Always Plotting Against Us," and "Life With Dick: Suspicious Fires, Moving Vans & More 'Hunting.'"
Wonkette is the funniest blog ever! I'm going to www.wonkette.com right now and subscribing to the RSS feed.
by maryjanie November 30, 2006

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