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a hippie, a person with dreadlocks, one that participates in drum circles, has their baby at home with a midwife, uses a reusable hemp bag at the grocery store, goes to bonnaroo, burning man, rainbow gatherings, listens to widespread panic, string cheese incident, phish, wears birkenstocks & tie dye, attends naropa university, smugly drives a hybrid, smells like patchouli and b.o.
"do you want to go to barton springs? no, if i see another didgeridouche, i'm going to vomit."
#hippie #smell #hybrid #hemp #pot #weed #organic #drum #vegetarian
by Bloshki October 13, 2006
A form of douche bag used for Australians or a person playing a didgeridoo.
Guy 1: Damn, did you see that Australian fucker pretending like he was the shit?

Guy 2: Yeah, dude, he was a didgeridouche.
#australia #douche #didgeridoo #outback #kangaroo
by smileyseany July 01, 2009
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