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Diddyness is the slightly shortened way of saying, the Diddyness Scale. a Scale invented by one of the Founding Fathers of the Diddyz. The scale is a logarithmic scale that gives a ranking from the reference score. The Ranking can be used to show if you are above other Diddyz, and how high you rank in society.

The scale is given by:

D = 10 log(S/S*)

ie, 10 times the log of your score divided by Reference.

Note: The Reference (S*) is 10^5
Jimbo: Hey matt you part of the diddyz?
Matt: Yeah mate!
Jimbo: Whats your Diddyness?
Matt: About 200!
Jimbo: Dude that must have taken forever.
Matt: Sure did
by waly913 April 07, 2008
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