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to walk with a swagger or rock the flyest gear
dat nigga got a mean diddy bop
by jada!! December 11, 2003
Similar to a swagger but more of the B-Boy variety with the bad ass untouchable attitude (Swagger relates more to confidence than attitude). Diddy bopping is like walking with a slight limp purposely to create the facade of a bad ass.
It might be okay for Steve to take that picture in his B-Boy stance but I don't think he should be diddy bopping through this neighborhood.
by bruhham May 13, 2010
a dutch master cigar. originated in nyc
hey how you doin? let me get a diddy bop , you got i.d?, c'mon papi you see me here everday
by Joe Pellegreeno November 17, 2012
1)To take or grab something

2) the act of stealing or swiping, usually in a playful context
1) "maybe someone left a soda in that fridge that i can diddy bop"

2) "wheres the remote?":

"i diddy bopped it because you can't pick a good channel"

3) *grabs blunt from friend and hits it*

by funkmasterFRESH October 17, 2013
It's what some people from long island born in the last 80's early 90's call their fathers. Most commonly shortened to did or diddy.
Me: My did makes the fuckin best milkshakes bro.
friend: yea i love diddybop he's the man.
Me: how's your did doing?
friend: good, u wanna come play golf with me and my did?
me: hells yea
by bope September 03, 2011
Verb- To use the fist to hit another person on the top of the head.
"that girls pissing me off, I'm a straight diddy-bop her"
by givebackpeace April 22, 2009
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