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To insert one's penis in someone else's ear.
Oh, shit. rDave's asleep. Let's dickwilly him!
by seth dipnut March 04, 2007
if somebody is feeling especially retarded they may decide it is necessary to use 2 derogative terms for the gluteus maximus rolled into one to make 1 devistateingly insulting insult. although i have only actially herd rowan (the founder of this insult) say "dick willy" i am sure that within the next 10-20 years at least 3 people would have used it.
some retard: kek at ur face lol nub lol ur mum lol lmao pmg rofl z0mfg lol

rowan: shut up you dick willy

some retard: z0mg that was uncalled for dude *crys*
by swizz3r August 07, 2006

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