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1) One who swallows so much semen that the stomach has to force-ably remove it by vomiting. (A fucking whore)
2) One who just pisses you off to the point of mass murder.
1) That Dick Vomit will suck anybody.
2) Nick, quit being such a Dick Vomit.
#whore #slut #cunt #asshole #jagoff
by Dick Vomit (2) October 19, 2012
When someone giving a blowjob gags so hard that they vomit.
I got so big, and she started gagging, next thing I knew she started to dickvomit. vomitdick jerkburp
#dickpuker #throatcoat #tonguedepresser #colorcoating #chunkylove
by dirty picasso March 02, 2012
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