Top Definition
A picture of your dick
Hey look, Rob just posted a dickture on his myspace, only a matter of time until he gets deleted.
by Jason Lasik October 14, 2005
A photographic image of one males pelvic region
"This guy sent me a Dickture so i sent him one back."
by halfbloodhunk July 28, 2014
Dick picture, picture of one's penis.
"How big is it? Send me a dickture."

"You should see the dickture he snapped me today."
by Kellstar1 June 02, 2014
Dick pictures
Send me dicktures
by Vanillaxskys February 18, 2014
Dick pictures. When a guy sends you a "dick pic"
Omg stop sending me ugly dicktures!
by ShaKira August 12, 2015

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