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An imbecile, or idiotic person, corrupted from dickhead
Look at those dicksnaps over there!
by Malakia February 25, 2004
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n. common
The traumatic bending of one's penis when a woman riding on top rides too high, the penis is no longer centered, and the weight of the woman comes down with full force. Typified by an audible popping noise.
<svenmonk> Where did that dick snap Craiggers go? I bet that CFNM pervert will think twice before letting that fat bitch, idali, fuck him on top.
by Stargazer September 04, 2003
the act of snapping a mans penis, resaulting in EXTREME pain, bleeding, and massive brusing. This can be accidantal or deliberate
'A man is walking down the stairs and slips' "AHHHHHH AHHHHH Fuck I have dicksnap"
by Tyrone Johnson July 01, 2003

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