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1) when a guy is totally ready to bone the chick he brought home from the bar that night (or to her place), but just can't seem to get it up, no matter how hard he tries (or she tries);

2) in immediate need of some viagra;

3) the awkward moment where he looks at you and says, "It's not gonna happen..."
(the day after) - Chick 1: "...and we left the bar after he was talkin' all that shit, and he ain't shit!"
Chick 2: "So you're saying he couldn't even get it up?"
Chick 1: "Ya, it was a dicksaster."

(dude talking with other dudes) - Dude 1: "This has never happened to me before, man."
Dude 2: "Yeah, sure it hasn't. Sounds like another dicksaster to me."
by SpeeMan January 11, 2011
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