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Essentially halfway to first base, dickplay is when a female plays with, twiddles, or generally makes physical contact with a penis without actually making the effort to engage in a handjob or oral sex.
Duncan: Hey Frankie, I heard you hooked up with Sophia last night. Did you get laid?

Frankie: Ugh...nope.

Duncan: Head? Handjob?

Frankie: (shakes head disappointingly)

Duncan: Well...anything?

Frankie: Nothing, besides some brief dickplay...such a tease.
by French Character December 04, 2011
When a woman teases you when you are attempting a move on her.
John: Dude, I met this girl at the bar and she was twirling her hair and all that flirty stuff, but when I asked her to come to my place, she just laughed and walked away
Roy: Damn, she was totally dick playing you dude.
by Rubikers August 04, 2009
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