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A dickkicker is a cocktail served in some Northern bars, consisting of the following. One part absinthe, one part Stroh (80% rum) and one part Polish Vodka. Tobasco sauce is optional.
The boys were chuggin dickkickers like it was 1999.

The boys were that astonished they had faces gurned in shapes which have only ever been reserved for dickkicking sessions.
by Dalzer May 11, 2007
(n)1. a very dirty and/or very embarrasing story.
2. the twisted or disturbing punchline to a very dirty joke and/or very embarrasing story.
ex 1: "...But here's the dick-kicker, my ass isn't sore."
"Wow. That was a dick-kicker."

ex 2: "Knock, knock."
"Who's there?"
"Transexual who?"
"(the dick-kicker)"
"Wow. That was uncalled for."
by The Shinobi March 20, 2007
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