something that is very strange or stupid. Odd, not quite right.
The first time I saw one of those tiny European 3-wheeled Mr.Bean cars I said: "Well thats just dicky, look at the dicky car!!"
by Justin February 25, 2005
A Hickey On The Dick.
Last night Joe got a dicky by a hot girl.
by AnalMan January 18, 2015
Dickies area brand of clothing that alot of people wear, anything from bros to country boys to thugs to skaters wear Dickies

They are meant for work, I use them for work, some really good shorts and pants. This shit about thinking someone wears them because they think they're indestructible, is fucking stupid, they're some comfortable and durable clothes, I haven't had to buy a new pair of Dickies in a few years, they're light and look good with pretty much anything you wear with them
My Dickies are durable as fuck
by beaMERKiller August 08, 2012
cute, charming, stylish; sexy in a discreet way (think audrey hepburn, not betty paige)

***can refer to people or things

***root word: dicks/deriving from the last name of E.H.
"look at that girl...she is so dicky"

"that headband is so dicky"

"oooooh...i know you were going for dicky, but thats not cute."
by M A T August 29, 2006
The adjective for someone who is trying to hook up with you but is being a dick to try to accomplish that goal
My ex called me last night while I was getting ready to go to the bar because he was already there and he was being so dicky
by Dubtrub21 September 18, 2014
the best nickname for anyone(preferably girls) with the last name maydick or dickway also first name dick.
maggie maydick: hello :)

friend: watsup dicky?

maggie maydick: dont call me tht

friend: hehe love u bye dicky


maggie maydick:*see her in the hall or around somewhere*

friend:*yells* DICKYY!!!!!!
by zzzoooeee December 04, 2010
n. A loser, wrongdoer; adv. incompetent or denoting incompetence
"Hey dicky, get out of there ... you don't know what you're doing!" or "Don't be such a dicky"
by Jim (Myrtle) July 06, 2005

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