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1. Used to describe a person that is beyond being a simple dickhead.

2. A pompous, arrogant son of a bitch, who is so full of themselves that they make the average Joe Dickhead appear acceptable.

3. The nastiest and meanest of all dickheads.
Co-worker #1: Geez, our new boss is a helluva dickhead.
Co-worker #2: True, but he isn't as bad as that dickhead and a half we had before him.
by Major E. Reckshun August 26, 2010
An absolute dickhead who has performed an unbelievable act of dickheadism, therefore deserves to be called a "dickhead and a half" which is much more offensive than just saying "you're a dickhead"
Hey Bob! I raped your girlfriend last night bro!

Wtf you dickhead and a half. Im gonna bash ya you bloody spastic
by dickweed432 May 23, 2016
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