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A legendary creature of grandiose repute. The most magnificent and tears-to-your-eyes inducing animal ever to be documented by humankind. Eyewitness accounts describe it as a giant hawk with a penis.
The feathered cock flew majestic through the early morning sky.
Penetrating the remnants of another night gone by.

Its brilliant radiance, such a splendid sight, burned bright as a million suns.
And all the world as one proclaimed: "Behold, the Dickhawk comes!"
by Santiago Artorius February 28, 2013
2 1
A mohawk for a man's genital area. In other words, when a man shaves his privates to look like a mohawk. Also called a modick.
Ben: Hey Bob, I got a haircut yesterday
Bob: Really? I can't tell.
Ben: That's because I got a dickhawk.
by Gussyboy October 17, 2010
5 4