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Someone who fucks you over, often at work as well as just in life and finds great joy in it. Often leaves a situation completely fucked over and runs away laughing. Also a verb meaning to fuck someone's shit up.
That smiling ass Gary thought it would be great to leave a pile of work for me to do on my desk on Friday right before the end of the day. What a dickclown!

Kary dickclowned me today by throwing everything on my desk in the air and laughing hysterically.
by Javier McCoy March 06, 2011
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the perfect word to describe a male that leaves you heartbroken-you know the one. out of the blue just fucks you over. a real shithead.
Jane really thought Joe was the one, turns out he was a dickclown.
by confirmed dickclown hater December 19, 2006

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