Someone who likes to stick their dick into their own butt, or stick it into their gay partners butt.
Oh Brent wanna go play dickbutt? Sure John!
by SPLAX10 November 18, 2005
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think of the weirdest thing you can think of... dickbutt. there is nothing dirtier than a dickbutt except a dusty butthole.
That kid is a fucking dickbutt

Look at that dickbutt, it's enormous!
by willows April 12, 2007
An ingenious creature known to be located in Baghdad, Iraq. Characteristics are as follows : large head, long shaft and a huge double lumped ass. Dick Butt likes to be graffiti'ed on T-Walls through out the Baghdad area. Dick Butt strikes fear into the heart of terrorist and also may help deter EFP attacks.
Dude, WTF is that?
Man, I don't know, but it looks like a dick with a butt with a dick in it's butt.
So, would that be a Dick Butt?
by "KILL" 3RD PLT January 10, 2009
This is when you do a thrusting motion naked so your penis is whipping back and forth, then you put your thighs together and catch your penis when it's behind you, then finally you jump around 180 degrees, and bend over. VOILA it's a dickbutt!
Tom and Anders can do the windmill and helicopter, but I've perfected the dickbutt!
by zeJohner April 06, 2011
Basically your closest friend ever.

The one person you dont mind telling everything too, and knowing he would never tell another soul, or use this information against you.

Being so close to a friend that your dick is in his butt.
"Why are those two guys always together, are they gay?"
"No man, they're dickbutts."
by MotherFuckingLiiiii October 08, 2013
dickbutt (pronunciation: dik-buht)

verb (slang)
1. To press the penis against an object in a short, sharp fashion in order to illicit a humourous response

noun (slang)
1. A barrel or cask used to hold penises in order to illicit a humourous response
2. The end of the grip of a firearm, carved into a penis shape in order to illicit a humourous response
3. The remains of a cigarette after smoking, moulded into a penis shape in order to illicit a humourous response

1. cocktub, willymuzzle
1. You've brought more penises? Good, good. Sort them by size and chuck them in to the appropriately labelled dickbutt. Then we can start making some hot dogs!

2. Please dont dickbutt my face today, I've just had my wisdom teeth out.
by curriemaster July 30, 2013
a butt that is a perfect shape for a dick
his butt was a dick butt
by max37849 February 26, 2014
The same and opposite of a hitchcock.
Nick B. is such a dickbutt
by Mudkarp January 07, 2011

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