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dried cum hangin off your pubes

or your little brother
your mom was jerkin me off last night and i shot my load into the air and it landed on my pubes and she said "IT LOOKS LIKE A DICKBERRY"
#dick #dickberry #dickberry's #dicberrie #shawn
by poonlover August 06, 2009
4 Words related to dickberry
Young, immature, yet; somehow; should know better than to commit huge acts of dipshittery, worthy of a Darwin award, upon unsuspecting humans and animals alike.
- Look at that clown in his Land Rover, drives and looks like a complete dickberry.
- What kind of dickberry hunts a wild animal for sport? A huge fucking dickberry, that's who.
- Done it again, haven't you Ethan? Fuckin' dickberry.
by AvocadoLuva69 April 12, 2016
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