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n, A game in which the objective is to place your penis upon someone else's back.
v tr, To participate in the aforementioned game.
ex1; A nude beach is the perfect place for dickback.
ex2; I was doing push ups when my friend dickbacked me.
by Metcalfistan September 26, 2010
Originating from the odd case of having penises on ones back, without realization.
A dickback is someone who thinks they are right or being helpful but are actually being a dick; thus cannot see the dicks on their back.
"Last night Bob told me i needed to get back with my cheating ex, i didn't even know what to say...he is suck a dickback!"
by lolxlol December 15, 2012
The art of doodling a dick on one's back while they are passed the fuck out, so that they will discover it hours or even days later.

Mike: "Dude, you have a dick on your back!"
Bradley: "Damn it! I got dickbacked again? Nooooooooo!"
by Dakemeg February 03, 2007
drop top;convertable car
Alook that rooster got a dick back on 22's.
by DUB SOLJA October 17, 2003