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n, A game in which the objective is to place your penis upon someone else's back.
v tr, To participate in the aforementioned game.
ex1; A nude beach is the perfect place for dickback.
ex2; I was doing push ups when my friend dickbacked me.
by Metcalfistan September 26, 2010
Developed at Smith College, an all-female institution, the smith cocktail is a cocktail that, unbeknown to the male receiver, contains both an erectile assistant and a sedative. When properly administered the smith cocktail effectively negates both the risk of rejection and of awkward morning after scenarios.
smithee 1: "that one guy at our party sure is cute, too bad he's gay"
smithee 2: "we'll see about that; I've got a smith cocktail with his name on it"
smithee 1: "can I have him when you're done? I haven't seen a penis in months"
smithee 2: "sure! but you've got to drag him to your room yourself"
by metcalfistan March 31, 2010
n, The appetite, often voracious, that one develops under significant stress.
friend 1: How's the studying going?
friend 2: Terrible! I had such a stressetite I ate three bags of Doritos and now I want to die.
by Metcalfistan May 08, 2011
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