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Dick to the face: Anything that impedes the goodness of life such as failing a class, getting a detention, etc.. A dick to the face can also be something lame that catches you off gaurd, such as a pop quiz. Dick to the face is a substitute of the word gay, meaning sucky.

If the situation calls for a more drastic description say " Thats an epic dick to the face!" or "That's God's dick to the face!"

Instead of using the word gay, meaning something that is bad or sucks (Example: You leave your homework at home you might say " oh my god. that's so freaking gay.") you can say "thats a dick to the face!"

Just imagine how awful if would be to get hit in the face with a dick and then it all makes sense.

Texting abbreviations: D2TF or DTTF
I lost my wallet! Thats a dick to the face!

Statement: My girlfriend dumped me.
Response:Dude...thats a(epic) dick to the face.
by DTTF March 27, 2009
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A controversial and little-known wrestling move, which is best known as a "last line of offense" for legendary wrestler, Terry "the Hulk" Hogan. The strategy involves a quick and sharp removal of the penis from the attacker's jump suit before he begins a successive series of abdominal thrusts towards the opponent's facial area. The move is meant to efficiently and effectively immasculate opponents in order to break their will to conquer. Although penetration of the face through the oral cavity was never intended, those who use the move extensively (Hogan) have racked up several pending sexual assault suits with other professional wrestlers who claim they have been "violated". The origins of "Dick to the Face" are not known, but we do know that it was kept a secret in the testosterone-fueled arena of pro-wrestling for over three decades, making it the most secret wrestling move of all time.
"Yes, Bryant, Andre the Giant was clearly in the lead until Hogan quickly regained his ground. That kind of a sharp comeback has come to be known in the wrestling underground as a 'Dick to the Face', whatever the hell that means."
by Burt Vonsky August 07, 2006
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