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Too get ass, vagina,or sexual intercourse
nigga1: Last night i was with ashley.
nigga2: Did you crack cheecks?
nigga1: Hell yea!
by hood08 August 08, 2008
when a lame or bitch niggas obsess over a female by calling her three times in a row or going out his way too chill(get some buns)
Yo nigga you called the john(female) like four times stop sweating her ovaries nigga!
by hood08 August 08, 2008
a group of smokers drinkers or rollers who go hard when they get fucked up and they all have a dumb ass coversation a bout nothing on cloud nine
You get hi byself my nigga you need to chill with the cloud nine riders
by hood08 August 08, 2008
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