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a lady who never says anyone. also known as a shezmo
see claire over there, shes a right dick bucket we have all had her
by mikey b5000 December 19, 2007
1)The sluttiest of all sluts.

2)An STI ridden, extremely promiscuous female of ill repute.

3)One who contains dicks with their "bucket" - referred to as such because buckets are nutoriously dirty.

*only to be used in situations of EXTREME hatred or sluttiest. i.e. it's the worst thing you can say about a female.
"I hate that slut! She slept with my boyfriend! And every other guy we know!"
"Yeah, she's a serious dickbucket."
by Pickleweasels March 14, 2007
1. A person who is constantly being an asshole.
2. An irritating person; being extremely annoying when it's uncalled for.
3. Dingle berry
Vincent: "I'll pee on you when you sleep!"
Adam: "Don't be such a dick-bucket!"
by Vinchencho December 27, 2007
A fat girl's vagina; usu. used as an insult.

Terms stems from the observation that fat girls' vaginas are generally disproportionately gaping wide, thus resembling a bucket.
as an insult:
"Tom's such a dick bucket!"

As anatomy, in Fat Girl Science:
"And here, class, is the dickbucket, forming at the juncture between the fatty's legs."
by Kooker June 10, 2007
A queer, often in prison. Who takes it in the ass from everyone, but never gives it.
Tyrone was tough shit until he went to prison, when he became everyones dickbucket
by Mark Rich May 01, 2006
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