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When the man's pubic region grows to such an extent, that it integrates with the thigh and scotum hair thus giving the appearance of a "dick beard".
Ruben never trims his pubs saying that "that shits for metrosexuals", he must be proud of his long ass dick beard.
by Obispo September 03, 2006
38 5
The hair on the bottom side of your penis but not on your ball sack. Also can be used to describe a giant douche bag.
If you don't shave your dick-Beard she won't want to blow you.
Captain Curran told us he would smoke us till we threw up, and I was like dude quite being such a dick-beard.
by Cadet wonder boy April 05, 2012
6 0
1. Pubic hair.
2. Excessive pubic hair.
3. Pubic hair tailored and groomed to become a sort of long beard.
4. Sticky, cum-slathered pubic hair.
1. My dickbeard is gonna need a trim soon.
2. Damn your dickbeard is messy! Ever comb it?
3. My dickbeard is two feet long, beat that, idiot.
4. My girl had a dickbeard when I got done with her last week!
by Tom Warwick October 07, 2007
4 0
Commonly known as "pubic hair"
They both found it very, very erotic and stimulating when she shaved his Dickbeard
by Panchoman Jr. October 20, 2006
4 2
1. Someone so hairy that his pubic hair goes up to his chest, and around the waist.

2. See Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris is so powerful that he wears a black belt that he grows on his dick.

Monkeys? It's natural for them... A dick beard, of course.
by Falconpwn February 06, 2011
4 7
a person who frequently uses "random" outside its traditional meaning to describe people or situations that are amusing in an odd way.
Did that dickbeard just use "random" as a noun? I'd like to punch him in the face.
by Kewpie Dan April 18, 2006
3 8