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When the man's pubic region grows to such an extent, that it integrates with the thigh and scotum hair thus giving the appearance of a "dick beard".
Ruben never trims his pubs saying that "that shits for metrosexuals", he must be proud of his long ass dick beard.
by Obispo September 03, 2006
The hair on the bottom side of your penis but not on your ball sack. Also can be used to describe a giant douche bag.
If you don't shave your dick-Beard she won't want to blow you.
Captain Curran told us he would smoke us till we threw up, and I was like dude quite being such a dick-beard.
by Cadet wonder boy April 05, 2012
1. Pubic hair.
2. Excessive pubic hair.
3. Pubic hair tailored and groomed to become a sort of long beard.
4. Sticky, cum-slathered pubic hair.
1. My dickbeard is gonna need a trim soon.
2. Damn your dickbeard is messy! Ever comb it?
3. My dickbeard is two feet long, beat that, idiot.
4. My girl had a dickbeard when I got done with her last week!
by Tom Warwick October 07, 2007
Commonly known as "pubic hair"
They both found it very, very erotic and stimulating when she shaved his Dickbeard
by Panchoman Jr. October 20, 2006
1. Someone so hairy that his pubic hair goes up to his chest, and around the waist.

2. See Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris is so powerful that he wears a black belt that he grows on his dick.

Monkeys? It's natural for them... A dick beard, of course.
by Falconpwn February 06, 2011
a person who frequently uses "random" outside its traditional meaning to describe people or situations that are amusing in an odd way.
Did that dickbeard just use "random" as a noun? I'd like to punch him in the face.
by Kewpie Dan April 18, 2006
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