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Slang term for penis. Each and every man has one and he stores it between his legs. It's size can vary greatly, but most men will add a couple inches when referring to their own. Dicks are usually classified into three catagories: schlort, schledium, and schlong. A dick has a very tough life: His owner likes to jerk him around, his best friend's a pussy, and his neighbour's an asshole. Most hetrosexual men use their dick for sexual activities.

Dick is also a colloquial term for an annoying man, or a nickname for a man named Richard.
Jane's boyfriend, Dick, was a total dick but she enjoyed sucking on his dick.

Hey Richard, come here! Dick, let's go!

I hate Joe Smith, he's such a dick!

I have a long dick.
by joejackjacobsonthe second December 13, 2009
A males penis.
#Tim: Jess! Put my dick in your mouth and head bang that shit!
by Tamponnnnn June 08, 2009
Dick is a slang term for a mans penis. some people are offended by this term.
The mans dick was big.
by James16101 April 02, 2007
1) (verb) To disappoint on an unheard of level.
2) (noun: 1) A person who continually and blatantly disappoints.
3) (noun: 2) Male reproductive organ, also known as shaft.
1) (verb) "Dude, you're dicking me again bro?!"
2) (verb) "Do you have any clue how many times you have dicked me today?"
3) (verb) "Straight dicked..."
4) (noun: 1) "You're a dick and I hope you rot in hell."
5) (noun: 2) "I think she wants your dick man."
by Mr. Wix December 14, 2009
1. male part of body that hangs between legs
2. sounds good in front of everything if pissed of or angry
3. used to describe people as an asshole
1. check out my dick ladies
2. fuck shit dick cat
2. hey you little dick shit im gona blast you
3. that guys a fucking dick
by cash master June 21, 2009
George W. Bush
"Don't be such a dick!"
by Ivytastic October 11, 2008
A girl's best friend.
Mary's boyfriend: Mary, why are you talking to my dick?!
Mary: shut up! we're trying to make plans for tonight..
by NotForKeeps May 31, 2010