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beanbag or doofus
Ian is just standing around scratching his butthole, what a Dick wrinkle
by clarke111 January 09, 2012
1) Latin, from <i>dikus</i> (dumbass), and <i>rinkelum</i> (to the extreme). The epitome of stupidity, a complete and total moron.

2) A wrinkle on the male genitalia, usually used derogatorily to refer to a dumbass (see above)
That was the stupidest thing I've ever heard; you're such a dickwrinkle
by Alex September 13, 2004
A wrinkle on your dick.
Hey man, that old ass dude got dick wrinkles.

Yeah, I heard that nigga Charles got a wrinkle dick too.
by Jacob Edwards Bitches August 22, 2008
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