Similar to a Ball Tickler (beard) A mushtash used for oral peasure of anothers member in a sense tickling the shaft of another males errect penis, or dick.

In Some cases females can grow dick ticklers.
~Man I'm glad you finally grew a dick tickler.. It greatly adds to the peasure~

~That new dick tickler you have, made my sperm shoot an exta 3 feet.~

~Hey look at that dudes dick tickler~

~Hitler has a small dick tickler~

~Dude, that girl over there has a dick tickler.. SWEET!~

~Man, I think I'm going to grow a dick tickler to look like Jeff Foxworty~
by Dr. Daddy July 27, 2005
Top Definition
-slang for mustache
That old, toothless Scottish bastard has a bunch of cum caught in his dick tickler from sucking his brothers cock.
#dick #cock #penis #wanker #dink
by scream_clarity September 10, 2011
Slang for a person's fingers.
Tom and Ben work in an industrial setting.
Ben: Which rivets need to be removed?
Tom: Run your dick ticklers along the surface... the ones that aren't flush need to be done again.
#dick #tickler #ticklers #finger #fingers
by Ben354 June 02, 2007
A tongue piercing.
I just got a new dick tickler done at Joe's piercing and bait shop!
by sw June 17, 2003
Get your filthy dick ticklers off me!
by 0mar August 20, 2003
A non-fictonal man of many faces. He breaks into your house at night and renders your penis useless as he tickles it with his 9 inch fingernails. You are somewhat being pleasured by this act of random dick tickling, and cannot move any body part for any reason while this man tickles your dick. When he is finished you often fall into unconsious lulls and wake up to remember nothing. Nobody has actually ever seen this man, but it is believed anybody who does may be killed relentlessly by his 25 inch cock.
Person 1: Damn man, why are my pants down and why do I have an erection?

Person 2: Maybe you have been visited by the Dick Tickler.
#dick #tickler #gay #love #penis
by Bawlf-Man February 26, 2009
One who feebily plays with his/her or someone elses dick and creates violent noises. Can also be worded as cocktickler or penis tickler.
Randy, having sex with a Dicktickler is completely inappropriate for your age.
#dick #tickler #nigga #gorillas #retardo
by chris SALDARRIAGA September 17, 2007
1 a rather large over weight male who loves to fondle cocks, especially those of older men.
2 any one who likes tickling dicks
3 the profession of tickling dicks
4 someone who is especially gay
a guy stares at you in the shower. you respond "dude that dicktickler is staring at me!!!" then you procede to beat the holy shit out of him
#dick #tickle #fondle #faggotry #bad #ass
by Lonely Fisherman 07 June 22, 2007
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