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An attractive woman who is petite in stature. Generally speaking, she makes a man's nature rise.
Keith: Man! Check that chick out!! She's dirty like the South.

Too Tuff Tony: SHIT!!! And she's a dick puppet too!
by B 2 Da C September 16, 2005
You do someone else's bidding, and pretend it's your own wishes, because the anonymous person may reward you.
Glenn Beck is really just a dick puppet for the Koch brothers.
by Yohomegirl December 03, 2010
A woman who is petite, short (usually under 5'2") in stature and weighs less that 110 pounds. Also has a strong sexual appetite. A woman that can be picked up and mounted on the penis with little or no effort, so you are free to get up and go to the frig for a beer with out her dismounting or lossing your stroke count.

Also see ragdoll sex
See that little blonde "dick puppet" over there,,, She's a freak!
by bare bear balls October 18, 2009
a stuffed animal you fuck when the paws are sown together like a bear of that nature
omg why did you use my bear as a dick puppet?
by zertzarm March 10, 2009
a girl who walks around with very little clothes and does not appear to be too bright...only good for one thing
Look at the dick puppet over there on the corner with her tits almost hanging out
by DRM37 August 21, 2005