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an unfavorable person; literally, one who picks debris and/or foreign organisms off of a penis, esp. one's own.
"yo dick picker... get your lame busted-up porno mags off of my bed before i house you!"
by kagus christ October 30, 2003
n. specifically, a man who has ticks on his penis, but can be any man who has questionable or dirty genitals.
Shutup, you fucking dickpicker! Like hell you were with my mother last night.
by jekkle June 22, 2006
An urban kid that walks around with his pants down low. Holding them up by clamping the crotch area.
It appears as though he is picking his dick with his hands-Dick Picker
by Pink dick picker August 25, 2011
A finger, or group of (dickpickers) fingers that crowd and/or invade without permission. Most appropriately used with the term, JACKFUCK...
"Get your dickpickers outta my fridge, JACKFUCK".
by Troy M. August 25, 2003
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