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The phrase "dick in the face" can be used to describe any back-handed, slap in the face, outrageous action by an individual, organization, or God. An act that is like a "dick in the face" is usually unexpected, unwarranted, and seriously unpleasant like being suddenly slapped by a dick. The term was invented when a Boston University History major tried to say "what a dickwad" and "what a slap in the face" at the same time.
P1: Joe promised Lauren that if she agreed to the divorce, she could keep the dog, but after she signed the preliminary papers, he took her to court to get the dog.
P2: Jesus, what a dick in the face!

P1: I saw a guy drop a twenty so I ran after him to give it back. He accused me of pick pocketing and told a cop I stole it!
P2: Did you get in trouble?
P1: No, the cop saw the whole thing but still, what a real dick in the face!
by AnnAldis June 08, 2012
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a lame ass nigga who rides anyones jock
Yo shut the fuck up you dick in the face.
by hood08 August 08, 2008
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