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When a guy who's normally ugly, or a huge douchebag, or otherwise unappealing starts to look that damn good because you want his dick that badly. It's probably not even good dick, or he doesn't know to use it, you just crave it because you know the guy's willing to let you have it. Of course, you're regretting it as soon as you both walk through the door of your bedroom.
C: I cannot believe I fucked David. But DAMN I was so horny for his little chode.
K: You had your dick goggles on, didn't you?
#dickmatized #dick #i think i have a chance with this guy #regret #retrospect
by real.calien January 25, 2009
Noun. The inability of one to see the faults in the individual they are pursing; similar to effect of drinking too much beer.
You can't just tell somebody to take off their dick goggles; Sometimes you just need to take off the dick goggles and step back for a second.
#beer goggles #near sighted #infatuated #delusional #gullible
by Wobbly69 July 21, 2013
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