the fleshy meat sock surrounding a dog's penis.
Hammerdog's dick garage is dangling like a Mexican hammock today.

Wow, look at the dick garage on that Great Dane....its like a furry elephant trunk.
by SoloBros August 24, 2010
Top Definition
a nice warm place to park your dick
Excuse me. I'm kinda new in town. Do you know where I can find a good dick garage?
by dustin January 08, 2004
A vagina. Synonymous with lady cave, beaver, hairy taco etc
man i'd like to park my man sausage in her dick garage
by captaingreythewolf August 06, 2011
1: A Person who loves to have dick in them
2: Ady R.
Her pussy is a dick garage
by Freebase420 July 04, 2016
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