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The result of a party foul, i.e. passing out with your shoes on. Dick facing is the writing or drawing mainly on somebodies face, but also applies to the rest of their body, with a permanent marker, including but not limitied to, a large penis drawn strategically next to the mouth or pointint towards the ass, writing "I love penis(semen, cum, dick etc...)"
"Dude the new kid passed out in the closet so we all dick faced him...too bad he has a job interview in about an hour:"
by Eskimo November 04, 2007
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When you pass out at a party and people write graffiti on your body esp. penises on your face hence dickfaced. If you pass out on a bed your safe from the dickfacing ritual.
Person 1: Dood he passed out I think we should have dickfaced him.

Person 2: Yeah, but he passed out on a bed. He is in the safe zone.
by Toiletpaper Titties February 01, 2008

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